1 – Body Artist, release your inner Van Gogh!

Body artist Choose your weapon !

  • Face-paints
  • Sharpie Pens (Non toxic)
  • Lipstick
  • Temporary Tattoo’s

Then if you’re a budding artist start drawing/painting  all over your partners naked body, if you can’t draw, write stuff , doodle or even play noughts and crosses.

Lets spice up the Body Artist

Write some naughty things on each other in the morning before you leave for work. Be as cute (love bunny) or dirty (cock sucker !) as you like.

Our Comment

This is great even if you can’t draw , just write stuff on each other be big and bold, Romeo loves drawing hearts all over Juliette’s most intimate places.

This is a great Sex Idea for Couples but you can even do this to yourself & feel naughty all day !

Have a look for some face-painting tutorials on the web, some stuff is very simple & looks great!

! Warning Sharpies can last a few days, so be careful if the mother in law is coming over !



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