12 – Winner takes it all ! Sex bets

This is a real simple sex game for couples that can be lots of fun, simply make a bet with each other and the reward is a sexual favour.

You can bet on anything,

  • the footy score
  • the weather
  • play each other at cards
  • darts or pool at the pub
  • video games, mario kart anyone !

Sexual favours could be anything, heres a few examples get started.

  • Oral sex for the winner
  • Tit flash
  • Lap dance
  • Male strip
  • Handjob
  • Masturbating in front of the winner

Spice it up

Double or nothing , how adventurous can you get ?

  • Blow job outside or in the car
  • Anything the winner desires
  • Tied up and helpless

Our comment

We have had loads of fun with this over the years mainly playing pool when drunk on holiday. We even had sex in a bar on the pool table when it was empty, apart from the barman in the other room !



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