10 – Shower Fun ?

This is a little different and needs a friend with benefits, but I’ve added it as you may be able to modify it to suit you x

It’s not one we have tried ourselves, but on our to-do list. Any volunteers to be our fwb !

She gets home from work to find your friend with benefits in the house wrapped in just a towel.

Your fwb gives your partner a glass of champagne and leads her to the shower.

They both undress and get in the shower, where you partner is slowly washed from head to toe, creating as much lather as possible.

They step out of the shower, dry off and go  outside to where you wait. A massage table is set up , candles flicker in the warm air and romantic music plays in the background. you lay her on the table and start to give her an erotic massage.

Now there are so many variations you could make to this, and it would be a simple one to do without the fwb, but my original idea is still the hottest one to me !

Imagine a hot massage from two people hands over your entire body !

Spice It up

Does it really need to be any hotter?

Our comment

Sexy , erotic fun ! Scorching


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photo credit: cesarmocun IMG_0451 via photopin (license)

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