2 – Custard & Bannana Tarts ! Messy sex

Plastic sheets everywhere for this one (the cheap diy painting ones are great), it’s going to get messy with custard very quickly!

The two of you naked on the floor, a big bowl of slightly warmed custard between you. (no burning here !!)

Dip your hands in the custard and go for it :-),put custard all over each other, then get down to licking, sucking,  kissing, touching. don’t hold back!

Singles can join in with this one too, just lay down and pour all over yourself, then rub all over, get busy with your buzzie vibrators !

Lets spice It up

Bananas and custard anyone!

Our Comment , very messy sex!

We are still finding custard marks in the strangest places!


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One thought on “2 – Custard & Bannana Tarts ! Messy sex

  • January 19, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Tried this with hubby, he loved it. Rather than doing it naked though, I dressed up as a secretary for him, satin blouse, leather skirt and stockings – and he just home from rugby practice so was in his kit. But plastic sheets everywhere and used a bucket full of cream. Seemed naughtier doing it clothes (obviously pulling down areas of interest) and he still talks about it even though it was a few months ago!

    Good suggestion!


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