4 – Adult Education

She’s a student at an evening class, struggling to complete her assignments

He’s the hot teacher, offering some extra after class tuition

Arriving at the teachers house in her tight blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show her cleavage, he invites her to the dining room table where a bottle of wine awaits.

They sit discussing the class , she crosses her legs , her skirt glides up revealing her stockings.

The rest is up-to you!

Lets spice it up

  • Some light bondage can work very will in this scene, if your both keen. (please respect limits and learn the basics first)
  • The Teachers cane can be fun !
  • school girl fancy dress would be great x

Our Comment

Our first experience of this one was when we had managed to get away for the weekend with no kids, we were staying in a lovely small cottage in the middle of nowhere. It was a very memorable night.



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