5 – Secret Agent

How does a secret agent have sex, undercover !

Your partner has received a letter from the CIA/FBI/MI6  several days before informing her she has been selected for a top secret mission, to satisfy every desire of a master spy (that’s you !) before he is shipped off on a life or death mission.

(You sent this mail!, including the date/time & what she should wear)

You leave the house by the front door, waving goodbye to your wife as you pretend to go to work/for a beer

Quickly getting changed into your Secret Agent outfit, think your best James Bond Tux or all in black, you get back to the house. Knock on the door & she answers, seductively she invites you in.

The rest we can leave to you!

Lets spice it Up

  • Make your letter official with logos of Spy Agencies
  • Pick up a Spy Kit with fake gun
  • Find some cheesy one liners, think  Austin Powers, James Bond

 Our Comment

We had great fun with this one, it certainly got her in the mood.


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