8 – spinning the bottle

Get 10 pieces of paper, on each write a forfeit, be as naughty or nice as you want, some ideas to get you started

  • Wear a nipple clamp until the end of the game
  • Put lipstick on the other person
  • Swap clothes
  • Bite the other person and leave a mark
  • Play with yourself for 3 mins for the others pleasure
  • Perform oral sex on the other player for 3 mins
  • Pose naked and let the other person take a photo
  • Use a sextoy on the other person

Now clear a bit of space on the floor and fold up the forfeits, mix them up and place them on the floor in a circle, take turns spinning the bottle and then complete the forefit.

Spice it up

Lots of things you can do here, with making the forfeits more or less adventurous, and the most obvious is to play with friends, anyone want a game ?

Our comment

Great sexy fun! A few drinks in and Romeo was wearing lipstick for the first time in his life!!

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