9 – Taxi !

You arrange to pick your partner up from work, but you have a lovely surprise for her.

On the back seat is a chilled bottle of champagne and some flowers.

Drive around for a little while letting her enjoy the champagne.

Then drive to a secluded spot (maybe an old favourite spot when you first started dating), join her in the back and start making out like your on a first date.

Another option here is to give her a bullet vibrator, then ask her to pleasure herself you can watch in the rear view mirror. until your desperate to join in.

Spice it up

If she is willing take out a blanket and get down to it in the fresh air, or maybe take her over the bonnet of the car!

Our comment

Obviously be sensible and don’t drink and drive !

A little alfresco loving can certainly raise the excitement factor !!

Juliette joined me in the front seat, had her legs on the dashboard pleasuring herself with the vibe and rubbing my cock!


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photo credit: christopherallisonphotography

Pinup Erika – Texas Timebomb – King of Clubs Car Show
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